Education in Bloom Language School

Our educational system is specially designed to treat the weaknesses and limitations of our students. Extracurricular material is functionally introduced to the national syllabus to compensate its deficiency in certain educational aspects, taking into consideration the needs of our students and the constraints of the national curriculum. All the subject materials are equally important and effectively covered.

English Language

We mainly focus on developing the presentation skills of our students. We constantly work to improve their fluency without overlooking the accuracy of their work. This is why we teach an International syllabus that mainly focuses on this objective along with the A-Level syllabus that provides Extra work for the students


We encourage our students to engage in a variety of oral activities to develop an understanding of the language structure and enhance their ability to communicate effectively. They will listen and speak in discussions and presentations that expand their vocabularies, increase their background knowledge, and enhance both their reading and writing skills.


We encourage them to read and reread to build fluency, which provides the bridge between word recognition and comprehension. We believe that Fluent readers are able to make connections among the ideas in the text and between the text and their background knowledge, this is why we help our students to learn and apply the comprehension strategies of identifying main ideas, making and confirming predictions, and formulating questions about what they are learning across the curricula.


Our instructional focus always include an emphasis on written expression. Revising and editing for correct sentence formation, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

We teach our students how to plan, draft, revise, and edit narratives as well as persuasive and expository pieces with attention to composition and written expression. This helps students to become independent with sentence formation, usage, and mechanics and understand that the conventions of language help convey the message from the writer to the reader.