Communication Channels

There are several ways through which you can communicate to school;

The follow-up folder:  Schedules, Daily Homework, letters to parents, revision sheets are sent in this folder and it is also used to receive your notes or complaints. A reply to your sent messages is sent back to you on the same day.

Through the phone: For any comments or inquiries you can call 01015141409.

Through the school website:  using your parent account you can access your child’s page for the daily Homework, as well as your child’s academic and behavioral evaluation. You can also send messages to the school administration or the teaching staff.

Through the school official Facebook page:   Please check our Facebook page on www.facebook/bloomschoolsand more are posted on this page.

Personal Meetings: For personal meetings with the school heads please refer to the following schedule.

School Heads

Mrs. Dina Mamdouh - School Principal 


Thursdays (10 am. – 12 pm.)

Ms. Samar Magdy - Primary Section principal

Mondays / Wednesdays (10 am. – 12 pm.)

Mrs. Soha Khallaf - Prep. & Sec. Principal

Sundays/ Tuesdays (10 am. – 12 pm.)