New Hijri Year Celebration

In the Occasion of the new Hijri year 1434, a seminar was held on wed. 14/11/2012 for prim 1, 2 and 3 to discuss the prophetic Hijra. Students were introduced to the Hijra story in details and watched a movie in the library. The students were asked to make their own research regarding the Hijra topic and write about it in their own words.

Banana Day   -   Fun in Yellow and Green

In yellow, green and black Bloom School's students and teachers lived together a wonderful energetic event: The Banana Day. It is a sort of extra- curricular activity day.  In the school playground and directly after the morning assembly the program started and so much fun was spread in the air.  The competitions held between the classes pushed the students to do their best to be the winners.

The teams formed as much as possible English, French and German words from (Banana Day). The students in Prep. stage won the English battle but the kids in Prim. 1A and 3B took revenge in the second language.

"The Fruit of the Wise Men" was the title of the Arabic program, which introduced – in cooperation with the Social Studies team - interesting information and secrets about Banana. Mohamed Hatem (Prim.5), Abd El Rahman Ahmed (Prim.5) and Yehia Anas (Prep.3) got high scores in this competition.

Then it was the time for Art. Using wonderful colors and extraordinary talents a banana exhibition was held. The title "Best & Biggest Banana" went to Prim. 2C and Prep.1, while the "Most Creative Banana" was hunted by Prim. 6 .

Directly after the Art program a group of funny Banana games were played to warm up the competitors before the most important exercise: Banana Cakes. In cooperation with their teachers, the students experienced the joy of preparing delicious cakes. It was very hard to judge after tasting all the cakes, but the wonderful taste of Primary 3B and Primary 1B cakes forced the judges to give them the "Most Delicious" title. A new title was invented especially for Prep.1: "Best Decoration".

By eating the cakes, the intensive fun program was over. Recharged with great enthusiasm and positive energy, the students and teachers resumed their scholastic day, waiting for similar events to be held soon.